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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Programmers located "Anywhere" "English".

Posted by New Realm Entertainment on

My main concern is for a Custom Jailbreak Mod for CS 1.6. I can get mods but most the JB mods you can download, are not as good as my competition. So i am looking for some one to code me a JB MOD. We can talk more about the details if your interested. Thanks.
Organized SMA files, so if i need fix anything I can.
Jailbreak involves a lot of menu.
Menu for guard
menu for prisoner
menu for member
menu for admin
menu for super admin
menu for server Manager
Menu for special days
Menu for cage activities
Menu for Last Request
Special days / cage activities / last request. Are mini games the players can play in different situations
Menu for in game Shop items (grenades, invisibility ect)
Menu to add gang members
Menu for gang abilities to be purchased.
Using the letter E, a line the warden can draw for prisoners to follow.
A circle that can be placed on floor with double tap E, the circle tells prisoners where to stand.
Making sure the mod wont bug out on most maps.

Thanks hope to hear from some one soon

To Apply

send me an email at relayy416@gmail.com or join my discord Discord.gg my name is detox

"Anywhere" "English"
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