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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by ashleybrowney on

You need to be able to Model Human characters, Destroyed buildings and little details, and also you need to be able to model Items, including furniture. these need to be made for my Disaster Game called Forgotten, set on an Artificial Island which is sinking. P.S you do need to know how to make your own textures for the game aswell! the textures need to look the same style, so if it is realistic it has to remain realistic, there is a lot of animations needed in the game aswell, including the death animations.

you also need to model cracked buildings, shattered windows, rubble, small little details on the floor like flattened cardboard boxes or some posters or something. and the Roads will sometimes have holes in them, If you need a reference for it, then look for the game series called "Disaster Report/Zettai Zetsumei Toshi" It will help you with the required things for the game. Since this is a big game I am wanting to make! you need to have at least 100+ hours with modeling to be hired.

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Send me an Email to talk about the game and role: ashley200265@live.co.uk

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