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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by SCHWITZER1945 on

Hello I have basic skills in UE4 and I also have basic skills in 3Ds max, im planning to make a video game franchise set in a WWII area where you are to play as a 16 years old German Soldier who has been forced to fight in WWII, with Zombies and the other Campaign the American one as a soldier from D-Day, and fight zombies as well.

I am hiring for 3D artist and Animators, especially UE4 programmers Blueprint or C++ im also interested if anyone has a knowledge on online games. I suggest you try to play DOOM 4, Resident evil games, Company of heroes, and Wolfenstein. If you are a big fan or World war 2 games i'd say this job is for you and you will be paid when product sells.

Every asset you create will be given to the team especially the rights to use it.

you will be paid by the amount of each individual sell when the game is finished I will publish the game myself and of course you are all to give me the asset directly towards me.

So lets create! send your resume or portfolio to stevendellim@yahoo.com

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send your resume or portfolio as a email or a link to stevendellim@yahoo.com

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