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Hello. I am a humble game lover and I am looking to hire a Unity 3D Modeler/Animator. I am looking to create a game that takes one of the most infamous games on the NES library, Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest, and makes it into a good game with modern day game tech. But for now that dream is a simple dream. So I wish to take a small step into the game's possibilities.

The things you will be making are the first two screens of the game.

  • A Town
  • NPCs that walk and talk.
  • A Day Night cycle.
  • Two types of Enemies
  • As for the pay. While it will be decides by how well you do. You are guaranteed to be paid $150 upon completion of the demo. (So long as the models are competently made and animated)
  • And if you do a great job at it. I will pay you up to $175.

Currency will be changed into your home countries Currency if that is required.

Looking for an artist that has...

  • Some level of experience with Unity. (Made at least 1 Game)
  • Has some knowledge on how to turn 2D sprites into 3D models
  • The ability to work on the game from home.

It is recommended that you...

  1. Play the game on an Emulator to get an idea of what you will beworking on and making.

To Apply

If interested. Just send your info to me @Garcia9889.ag@gmail.com

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