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Posted by Mythic Games on

Our team is working on a platform fighter and is need of animator and programmer to join the team. This platform fighter will be up to 8 player mayhem and will be competitive with balancing and DLC. The game engine itself has come a long way with someone programming it for about a year now. But, the biggest thing we'll need is animations.

For people wanting to join the team as another programmer, read the section below after the animation discussion.

For Animation:

We're looking to switching our game art style into pixel style format to try a new appeal as well as make other changes. We're hoping to find people that can do rather large size pixel art as well as excellent action motions.

The project we're working on is a 2D adventure platformmer and fighter. Focused on a team multiplayer gameplay and acting of a mix of traditional 2D fighters and platform brawlers. This project if animation goes well, will last quite awhile and will require lots of hours put in into the week to get this cranked out. We're looking at this being a year or two in the making for we made provide downloadable fighters in the future especially.

Characters will be a good variety of humans, blobs, robots, and other unique species. We already have all the character designs finished and now we're at the stage of animation. We're hoping the average size of the characters to be around 100px in size with about 6-16 frames per animation depending on the fighter. We're wanting to somewhat try to keep our cartoon looking format while diving into the pixel art which is why we're hoping the characters to be this big.

We have a high budget for this. More will be discussed about this upon the interview.

Here is a concept on what we're hoping! This includes the character concept for an idea as well as the in-game sprite animations.
sarina final concept

sarina current sample 4x

SARINA Switch3

SARINA Counter Pparry



For the game engine:

While we're not exactly looking for someone that knows GameMaker Studio 2, finding a programmer to join the team would be up for discussion. If we hired a programmer, They'd be helping design new engine mechanics to our existing one as well as creative ideas! More discussion about the engine so far as well as working with us on it can be handled via Email/Discord.

To Apply

The fastest way to contact us is to message me on Discord. For I have that on me 24/7 and can reply as soon as possible! Email it may take me a day or two.

Dr Nitronio - Ben#0117

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