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Artists located Hanoi, Vietnam.

Posted by LinhChu on

Gear Inc. is an American owned and operated business process outsourcing company located in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide industry-leading image moderation, social media management, IT consulting, application development, game development, and outsourcing services.

Our game developing and outsourcing team pioneers mobile gaming to deliver the best experiences. The video game and technology industries are in a constant state of evolution. Understanding these trends allows us to prepare for the future of gaming and support the growing needs of both clients and consumers.

We, of course, hire exceptionally talented people from all over the globe that bring experience and international standards to the table, but that’s just the start. Commitment to our people is the real strength and key to success. We apply rigorous training and development systems, allowing our talent to evolve their skills alongside their careers, and stay ahead of the latest industry developments.

Company size: +500 employees
For more information, please visit our
Website: Gearinc.com
Facebook fan page: Facebook.com

Job Title: Vietnam Senior FX Artist (Unity)

Job Description:
We’re looking for a passionate Senior FX artist to join our team in Vietnam and push our visual effect to the next level. You will work closely with the Art Director and other Lead Artists in creating cutting-edge visual effects for our mobile games in Unity.

- You’ll have the opportunity to work on top grossing games and fantastic licenses (WWE and other secret ones) and define and manage the effect work to create awesome interface animations and character effects.

You will work together with an international creative team to:
- Ensure completion of interfaces, items and characters effects at the desired quality bar
- Handle the whole animation/effect pipeline, from prototyping previews to final package in Unity
- Work closely with artists, designers and programmers to ensure that effects are in line with the concept to enhance the overall game experience
- Establish animation reference libraries and guidelines
- Train and support junior FX artist

- Chance to work on big game development projects.
- Chance to work closely with both experienced Vietnamese and foreign experts.
- Attractive salary and benefits, international, fun and professional working environment.
- An open and honest culture where people are treated fairly, trusted, and empowered.
- Flexible working hours. Our normal work week is 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday).
- 13th-month salary and annual performance-based bonuses.
- Government social, health and unemployment insurance for Vietnamese staff.
- Annual health check, annual flu vaccination
- Paid leave (12 days/year).
- Health Insurance package
- Lunch allowance for full-time staff; Free drink (tea, coffee,...)
- In-house gym including Yoga, Zumba, BJJ, Muay Thai classes.
- For non-Vietnamese staff, support for making Vietnamese work permits and resident cards.
- Salary depending on experience and portfolio

Job Requirements:
- Strong understanding of Animation theories and techniques.
- Familiarity with Unity regarding the creation and implementation of VFX, from particle systems to animation and material setup
- Fundamental art skills and aesthetic sense
- Very good technical skills and understanding of the content creation pipeline
- Skill in one or more related disciplines – storyboarding, 3D modeling and texturing

Required Application Materials:
- Resume
- Portfolio/demo (website, blog, online album, Dropbox, etc.) demonstrating your animation skills and aesthetic sense

To Apply

If you’re interested in this position, please feel free to send us your resume and Portfolio at jobs@gearinc.com

Hanoi, Vietnam
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