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Posted by Parent's Basement on

Hello! We are currently looking for more programmers to help with development of a game we are working on.

The game is a building defense type game where you must create towers to defend yourself from aleins, and power those towers with power generators. Its a bit complicated on paper, so I will not go into detail here.

Though its complicated, the game shouldn't take that long to make, as of now we are estimating around 3-4 months for the finished product. Though we should have a working demo in less than a month.

Programming wise, the game biggest challenge is an organized code base. Most individual features/towers are fairly easy to implement.

So to join this project you must:

- know how to program in C# and use Unity
- know how to properly organize a code base in Unity.
- know how to use git and source control
- be able to dedicate around 5 hours a week to working on the project

Currently this will be a revenue share game, though chances are you will get
paid at lease some money before then.

I look forward to working with you.

To Apply

email me at haydsteed@gmail.com

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