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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Strutin on

IMU Studios is hiring experienced CryEngine and Lumberyard LUA Programmers, Level Designers, Artists, 3D Modelers, and Animators. We are using the Amazon Lumberyard video game engine. It is a new version of the CryEngine they bought, upgraded and gave us. Amazon has produced a beautiful in-engine Lumberyard demo Cgsociety.org

This is a major AAA project that has both a mobile item exchange application and a fresh and exciting 3D game. IMU Studios is a startup company owning a matured Intellectual Property. This is made up of a designed FPS open world video game with RPG elements, a pro-league season, a deep story told over a novel and graphic novel series, virtual goods players can buy, sell and trade, with original music and soundtracks already developed. We made a thrilling prototype, developed the lore and characters, and now it’s time to develop the game on this beautiful new engine.

You will work remotely and track your time accordingly in our time tracker. Revenue will split based on your work. We have an Agreement process for the pre-funding stage, and a virtual goods exchange to allow you to liquidate your time investment into cash once the App is ready. People with experience and those good at problem-solving and following directives are required. We prefer gamers, developers who will play the incredible and fun game they help create.

If you have the necessary skills required, you will be compensated based on your performance and ability to deliver on deadlines.

-Email/Discord communications
-Must be able to use the required software systems for your position
-Understand English

Level Designer - (CryEngine, Lumberyard, SpeedTree... etc.)
Gameplay Programmer - (LUA)
3D Modelers - (Maya, Zbrush, Blender, Castles, Fortresses, Organics, objects, etc.)
Artists - (concept artist, Substance Painter texture artist, and level layout artist responsible for working with level designer to create stunning screenshot visuals)

To Apply

Apply by sending an e-mail with your attachments to iPlay@iPlayMore.com