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Level Designers located Southern California, Anywhere.

Posted by Skazka on

A partner to co-design on a metroidvania style game. The story, theme and characters are mostly developed and I have a backer lined up (a wealthy family member) who is willing to fund the game once Pre-production is complete. Profits for the game will be equal to my share, as you will be co-designer. I already know how to program using construct, but if our game expands past my skill or if you want us to use a different engine we will hire a programmer as well. I have a few artists lined up to provide assets and I have some connections to exploit for voice acting as well. Although I do have a backer lined up, we can also start a patreon for people who want to follow the games development so we can supplement our own income.

The game setting is in pre-medieval Scotland and is based heavily on Celtic folklore, though much change and additions will be added to make our own expansive mythos so that more games can take place in this universe if our game proves popular. The game will be function similarly to metroid and castlevania style games that are focused on exploration. The game story is pretty much laid out already and without revealing too much has to do with a mythical creature who is a historian trying to uncover the true origins of his people whilst evading a band of zealots who desperately want the secrets in his masters tome.

Someone who is:
1. Enthusiastic and diligent and willing to keep me on track
2. A player of metroidvania style games
3. Full of ideas and not afraid to voice them
4. Okay with having ideas rejected

5. Bonus points if you live in southern California.

To Apply

Please send your resume and portfolio to skadikaz@gmail.com

Southern California, Anywhere
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