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An innovative, Turn-based Rpg with a linear story

Hello there Centaurownz here from Mythic Reins Games before reading through everything,

let me tell you exactly what kind of game we are working on. Firstly, right now we won’t be able to pay anyone, however once we get to Kickstarter, we plan on setting up paid work for all the people working on the game and paying everyone from then on for their work, once we got some actual revenue. This game is a passion project started by me and I plan to keep working on it till it’s finished. The people working on the project are a mix between experienced and less experienced people. We value passion and a willingness to learn, We have some knowledgeable people working with us, so hopefully anyone joining will be able to learn, share knowledge and build up their portfolios.

A Quick elevator pitch for the game.

The game is a turn-based RPG that switches between combat and exploring a map to travel around the world. Throughout the game you can collect fighters that, like the player, can choose to enhance themselves beyond normal human ability by turning into monsters and evolving further down their monstrous path so you are constantly upgrading them throughout the game. There is a linear story the player(s) can follow; In the game you play as a hero character, he has been chosen as one of the champions of the gods. During the game the story will lead the hero to fight other champions and all kinds of monstrosities to claim fame and fortune and gain the ultimate favour of the gods.

The Roles we are recruiting for.

Okay, the project started not long ago, right now we are looking for people to fill up the following roles.

  • **We are looking for 3d artists/3D Character Artist (High Poly) 3D Animator/3D Map Designer. - 2d artists/UI artist/Concept Artist and we currently need a good animator.**
  • Looking for a Game designer (Someone who can research, conceptualize and implement systems we need for our game and help me flesh out the general finer details of the game (this includes story).

  • We currently have people working on every aspect of the game and are looking for people to add to the team.

  • Required: a positive attitude, being able to work together with other people.
  • Required: A basic mastery of the English language.
  • Required: Actually being able to work, you need to be able to at least deliver work in the chosen role you apply with.
  • As we won’t be able to pay anyone yet any time spend on it is purely optional, however to keep being a part of the project do some work every now and then and help us build the game.
  • Big plus: Knowledge in Unity, C#, GitHub, and Blender/Maya, (any experience in designing systems for games).
  • Required: we are working with Trello its easy and I can easily teach you how it works we use it to keep track of peoples work and you will have to work with it if you want to join us.
  • Required: One more thing, we work together in Discord it is here we have meetings and talk about anything related to the game project, you will have to join the discord channel to be part of the project.


  • If after reading this you feel like checking it out seeing what the project is all about it is very simple. Send me an email for more information or questions, have a link to your Portfolio or a story with your experience ready. You can contact me at mythicreinsgames@hotmail.com

We at Mythic Reins Games are looking forward to hearing from you, lets have a chat and see if you are the right person to join us and hopefully, we can work together on a cool game project.

To Apply

You can contact me at mythicreinsgames@hotmail.com

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