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QA/Testers located Anywhere.

Posted by itsbadforya on

If you ever wanted to influence how a commercial game is made, this is your chance.

Hi, I'm itsbadforya. I'm looking for play-testers for Shadow In The Light. It's a quick download and it's a quick demo. What I am looking for is just a quick text document, email, etc describing your 1st play-through. Your text will shape how I develop the game and what changes I should consider moving forward.

What you get is your name in the game as a play tester. Just include in the text how you would like to be credited as! You will also get a "Special thanks" attached if you add more play-troughs or if your review is helpfully descriptive!

Simple questions to answer are:

1. At this moment, what is my impression of this game?

2. What am I expecting from this game and what am I actually getting?

3. In my first few seconds of playing, do I know how to play and what to do?

You can feel free to answer your own questions and express any other thoughts you have. Don't like the game? Share it! Are you confused? Frustrated? Put it in writing! I want to hear it all! You can praise or rant or both as you please!

So if you're interested, or you just want to send me the text document, shoot me an email! If you just want to get started, click on my profile, go to Contact, and click Send Message! That's it!

If that's too much, email me at rubenjunior098@gmail.com!

Hope to hear from you soon!

To Apply

Send your 1st Play-through text via my profile "itsbadforya" or my email "rubenjunior098@gmail.com" Please add in your document how you would like to be credited as.

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