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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Environment Artist Level Designers Unity3d internship

Develop single player and mobile multiplayer levels based on existing game design documents and art assets.
Work closely with the design team to create and refine the gameplay experience.
Modeling and texturing level terrain and game-ready assets for architectural and organic environments.

Requirements & Skills
Pursuing games-related or digital art degree
Familiarity with Unity3d, Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya (2008 or later)
Texturing skills in Maya
Strong concept art skills (line drawing and coloring)
Good communication skills and a positive attitude
C# for Unity3d a plus

We have a variety of art jobs available at Space Dwarves. Our 2D/3D artists generally create animated characters and environments for in-game use, which could mean anything from creating simple props to animated sequences to elaborate worlds, and much more.

Space Dwarves artists can become specialists who focus on a particular discipline like environment modeling or lighting design. Animators bring characters and environments to life in-game via traditional key frame or motion-capture applications. Concept artists utilize their skills during the early production phase to create the designs that set the look and feel for a game. Regardless of their specific focus, all of our artists benefit from working with talented and like-minded creative professionals who are constantly pushing the boundaries of our industry.

Space Dwarves artists are typically graduates of university art programs or art schools who have the necessary artistic and technical skills and experience as well as the enthusiasm, stamina, and creative passion required to take our games to the next level. Our artists work with industry standard software, such as Maya, Photoshop, and other CG packages. While working at Space Dwarves artists have the opportunity to develop their skills through ongoing art courses offered onsite through our own Space Dwarves University.

This is an immediate non-paid remote internship. We do offer reporting to your school to enable you to earn credit for the internship but it starts right away.

We also give you credit in the game for your work and experience for your resume or Linkedin.

To Apply

We need to know the skills you have that may be of use for our team.
We use Unity3d. Do you have any skills in using this program?
What games genre's are you familiar with? MMO, MOBA or RPG?

If you are interested in having an internship with us please send me your email so that I might conduct a discord interview with you. I conduct discord interviews between 9am and 4pm EST.
Contact: dreamlarp@yahoo.com

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