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Web/Other located Cardiff.

Posted by SJackson101 on

Hi all,

My name is Stuart. And like yourselves I am too, making a game. Over the past year my game has come over leaps and bounds on development but I have not been working on it for about 6 months now due to lack of motivation/depression and I'm trying to get back into it.

I have worked on a few games in the past and have a masters degree in game development. but the difference this time is I don't have a partner in crime/amigo to motivate and work with and can't do it alone as I've hit a brick wall with the development.

Most of the people I know and have worked with in the past all work for big games companies now and dont have time for little projects anymore so I'm looking for someone to take this development journey with.

The game is playable and most of the code is there apart from a few bugs here and there. I have had a programmer and concept artist to help with parts of the game too but the next stages are:

Level design
Story progression
3d environments
Promotion and marketing

I am looking for someone to do an even 50/50 split with on everything that this game has to offer on a full partnership situation with whoever you are. Happy to discuss on any questions you have and hopefully in the near future we can meet up and talk about the game and get to know eachother.

Looking for:

Someone who is business minded and has experience with game development and promotions.

Very hands on with creating games

Friendly :D

Local to Cardiff

If you read this far then i imagine youre interested in what the game is?! Here is The Mighty Irregulars


Email any interest or any questions you might have and will be more than happy to supply :)

Hope to hear from you all soon.


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