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Posted by Covert3812 on

Hello! I'm a single developer who has been working on a turn-based strategy game.

About me

I've been programming for a number of years and have experience mainly with technologies in the .NET ecosystem - like Unity, Xamarin, and WPF. I've always loved strategy games which is why I started this project.

I take inspiration from older games like AoE, Warcraft, Civ 3, and Stronghold, as well as new games like Civ 5/6, Polytopia, and Endless Legend/Space.

The project.

The project is being developed in Unity using C# and XAML. I wanted the game to be more simplistic than not; more in-depth than a game like Polytopia, but still focus on shorter, more action packed gameplay. The project aims to capture the excitement of the early and middle parts of larger strategy games while ending games before it becomes a slog.

I would like to keep games under an hour or so while. The game is being created with mulitplayer in mind, but there would be at least functional AI in the end product.

The project is rev-share.

Current Progress

I wanted to wait until the project was at the point where most of the technical milestones were done before I expanded the project, and I feel that I'm at that stage! The game has functional networking, map generation, and general strategy game mechanics like combat, city, and resources.

What about you?

Things I'm looking for in a designer:

  • Ability theorizing, designing, and playtesting game ideas and mechanics.
  • Ability to write and maintain documentation for everything related to the game.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with other team members.
  • Has designed a game in the past - whether the game has been implemented or not - and has the documentation.

Skills that aren't required but would be useful:

  • Experience designing UI.
  • Experience with Unity and/or C#.
  • Experience writing markup - XAML, HTML, etc.

If you're in the project, please PM me explaining a little bit about yourself, the past projects you've worked on, and any questions you have for me! Thanks!

To Apply

If you're in the project, please PM me on my Reddit account: Reddit.com

Please include a little bit about yourself, the past projects you've worked on, and any questions you have for me! Thanks!

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