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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

Posted by Crytivo Games on

Good day,

We are Crytivo Games, a small indie studio currently working on the upcoming planet-management god-game, The Universim. You can find more info about the game on our official Kickstarter page (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crytivogames/the-universim/description) and website (https://theuniversim.com/).

Down to business:

We are looking for a talented audio engineer to join the team and help bring a little sound into the world of The Universim. This is an off-site position as we operate in an international, collaborative environment with numerous team members spanning the globe. Therefore, this job offer is open to any country. Strong English skills are still a requirement for the job, however, as it is the primary language spoken by the team.

Concept video for the ambient sound system:

Sound design
Creation of ambient sounds for numerous eras, planets, and environmental conditions (including alien planets)
Implementation of sound effects and music into Unity3D (Unity 5) (There are additional sound effects made by another team member that need to be integrated as well.)
Various other sound elements
Vast knowledge of Unity3D (Unity 5) and implementation of dynamic audio therein
Experience creating audio and sound effects for games (please inform us of your experience level and past projects. Show us your skills regardless of experience, but do remember that this is a major project and requires a professional touch.)
Access to high-quality sound creation/editing software
Available for regular updates and team meetings/interaction. Must be a good team player, we're a friendly bunch
Ability to produce required audio/create audio systems within the agreed time limit, depending on difficulty of tasks (but we do prefer quality over speed)
Contact and payment details:

This is a paid, part-time position. We are sticking to a pretty strict budget, as indies do, but we are more than willing to negotiate appropriate payment. Be sure to specify your desired payment amount when applying. Good work is always rewarded.

Please send your applications to contact[a]crytivogames.com with the subject line: "[Your name]: Freelance audio engineer application"

Please include the following in your application:
Past experience
A link to your portfolio
Let us know why you want the position
Desired payment
We hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

Crytivo Games

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