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Posted by Chester-Moxinfordee on

Hiya. Im here to offer a position of an artist to color pre-designed characters. My concept artist had made characters, however didnt color them. Id love for a talented artist to create a seperate original full body piece to show and reference mostly color.

The game is named Doki Racers. This game is a pixel racing game, and has different uniquely designed characters for uniquely designed levels and difficulties.

A few notesâ–¶
- There must be 5 seperate pieces.
- Each piece should be full body and fully colored.
- Please email me with your portfolio
- Pieces can be in any style
- Style must be very clean and understandable.
- Colors may be modified a little bit.
- When you email me your portfolio, please be sure to email me some art that is a little bit suited for this job
- Characters have a humanoid figure.
- Work must be clean.
- Work you make for the game, I can use anywhere that has to do with the game, though I cannot say that I did the work, and you will be credited everytime I use it.

I do hope you can work with me and my team! We can make this game be awesome together!

To Apply

Send a portfolio that features humanoid-like content to guyfieri.yo@gmail.com

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