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Posted by ToXiCSigma on

Chronologic is looking for additional developers to help create our first game. Chronos is a First Person Arcade shooter with a time elements added into it to add both puzzle and thinking to the game. The game is currently in a very early stage and thus require much-needed help. Made within the Unity Engine.

We are looking for those who are eager to contribute and show off their creativity, you will work alongside others to complete the development and also gain experience. Experience preferred but not required, if you are in the learning curve we are more than happy to help. (Currently holding off on Sound Designers for now due to the high demand, may open up depending on current developers.)

Job Description:

As a member of "P.C" you will be required to complete given tasks depending on the role you have picked ( this will be discussed with the team.). These tasks will be given and have specific schedules on when they need to be completed.
You MUST also provide some proof of your work depending on the position you are applying for, if you only started in the world of Games Design, then show us your recent work.

Must be able to complete tasks within the given deadline, time may be extended depending on circumstances.

Must have some or more experience with the usage of 3Ds Max/Maya/Blender or other 3D creation kids. Unity Engine and Photoshop if used for Art.

Must be capable of working within a Team based environment, there will be tasks in which you will do by yourself, but the majority of the work will be done in a team. We have different departments, and thus must understand that the leads will observe your creations.

For those designing models, design the levels or simply design artwork must have a good eye for detail.

Must stay in contact throughout the project, without any contact it may cause issues along the way. The most common place we use for communication is a Discord Server, makes it easier to share work for check-ups, updates, and control.

Level Designers and Programmers should already have some experience with using Unity, as this is our main Engine we will be using to create the game.

To Apply

If you are interested and want to know more, feel free to send a message to Scaleop122@hotmail.co.uk with some work that you can showcase. You will also be given a link to a channel that we use to communicate.

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