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Posted by LemniStudios on

I'm making a game that was initially being developed in Blender but reached the limit of it's capability. It was totally programmed in Python 3 but now I'm wanting to grow this game and give it more depth. However, I know nothing of C# and, though I would love to, I don't have the time to learn anymore.

That's where you come in.

I've developed the gameplay and story but I would love some input from the programmer that comes onboard! Hopefully it could grow into future projects as well together! I want to emphasize that NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! This is a small passion project from a hobbiest trying to get into the industry so I don't expect more from the program than what I can say for myself.

The game is a first person "true survival" sci-fi game. What's "true survival?" True survival is a genre where you have limited resources, limited supplies, and limited time with random events that can cause more usage of your resources. It's either impossible or near impossible to replenish resources. This game will take place in space in the future and you are possibly the last survivor of an accident that occurs to your vessel.

Much of the game will be under wraps until the programmer is brought on. I'll explain more of the game mechanics when they are part of the team but will answer questions if presented by applicants. If possible I would like to have a pseudo interview on Discord when available. please note the coding should not be too complex in this so don't worry about a bunch of craziness.

When the project is finished we will split the revenue. I plan on releasing it on steam and a few other service platforms on PC.

I do want to reiterate that there is no experience required for this position.

To Apply

To Apply
If you are interested please email me at lemnistudios@gmail.com with the following:
>A resume/sample code or link to GitHub
>Short bio on self
>Why this project appeals to you
>What are your goals in this project and the industry as a whole
>Discord ID (Name and number to account)
>Any questions if applicable

There are no bad answers or questions

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