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Posted by Reworldonline.com on

First, about the project!

ReWorld Online: gampeplayscreen 1

The first module of this big project will be release soon and we are looking for someone ti help with that last iteration.

  • We are 7 developers, well organised and got finalist for a huge contest in Quebec.
  • We have the best community ever!!!
  • The project grow at an insane speed
  • ReWorld is already followed by many influencers and medias.
  • After that first release, I will assure you a job in Quebec (if that what you which for) and you will have great conditions. Or, great references if you which to build a port folio.

We could use the help of another C# programmer, having experience in networking is a huge bonus. We work together and are very open to new ideas. That rush would last 2 months more or less, after that we will be ready to generate significant sales (we already sell as we speak). We work using HackNPlan and UMLs will be provided to help you with the day to day tasks. Also, we're a bunch of geeks and like to learn and test crazy stuffs ;).

After that two months you will be welcome to joins us for a longer and paid run.
Ps: the fact that it is unpaid doesn't mean we will take anyone, quality and fit in our team is our priority #1.

To Apply

You can either ping me on our Discord server (Michael Simard) or send an e-mail at michaelsimard@qwertystud.io

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