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Posted by TaichoBeardo on

I'm an experienced audio engineer looking to build a team to develop a horror game I've been putting together for a few years now. I'm trying to learn how to make levels and characters, but it's not quite so easy to do between my job, so I figured it's time to try and find a team. The story is simple, and has room for a lot of ideas. The main focus of what will bring challenges to this game are the mechanics. I'm trying to completely rework not only our idea of survival horror, but how games can offer vast more playability. This game will be challenging, but it will be very rewarding once the idea is in place.

Overall, the story and gameplay mechanics are only things I'm dead set on. This game concept has a lot of room to bring in ideas from the team to help bring the concept to it's best potential. I have location ideas, and item ideas, but are open for discussion and reworking. I'm very big on team work, and everyone being happy as a whole. I'm not looking for a team to make my dreams come alive. I'm looking for other people looking for a chance to break into the gaming industry, and make a revolutionary change in the way we play and experience games! I'm very understanding, attentive to issues, and dedicated to my projects. It's very important that this be a team looking to grow together, and has patience.

As this is currently unpaid, I'd really love to be able to move towards the team being able to have some income. If we can, I'd like to get some basics down for a demo we could release to maybe get some interest, and then we can start a patreon for the project. I will happily take 0% earnings on anything we can lay out until the game is actually released.

Our team now consists of a concept artist, 2 3D artists/ level designers, a concept artist, a story writer, sound effects special, music composer, and a few voice actors.

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If you are interested, or have questions, please reach out to me @ TaichoBeardo08@gmail.com

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