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Hello there,

I am the creator and artist on an indie game that myself and one other programmer have been working on since about September 2019, though I have been writing and conceptualizing it far before then. It is a 2D action platformer, featuring tight controls, quick action, sharp challenge, and a uniquely compelling story. I've included in order, what I'm looking for in this role, the story of the game, and finally, some of the content we have made so far.


What I am looking for in this role is a second pair of artistic eyes to collaborate with in two major fields of the pipeline. The first skill I am looking for would be a background artist, both in designing assets, as well as delivering on a final polished product. The next quality would be the ability to work on concept art, including but not limited to, player skins, enemies and future environments. If you have skill in one of those two fields, that would be great. If you have good experience in both, that would be perfect. Any prior experience working with 2D game art is a huge plus. If selected for the role, you would be mostly working with myself to create content with a unified style. I have a pretty good sense of the direction the games style is going in, but I am open to new ideas and suggestions, so if you are able to add your own expertise or flair that will end with an improved product, feel free to chime in. One major part of the role as well would be giving insightful critique and feedback to each other. As artists, we should always be questioning our work to see how it could be improved to deliver the best product we can. Unfortunately, as this is still just a passion project, I don't have any funds to compensate at the moment, but if I like what you are bringing to the table, I guarantee that I will make sure you are reimbursed for your dedication.


a young woman is caught in between the clashing of two rival cities in this fantasy world, when she discovers a mysterious amulet housing an entity that promises untold power and magic. This entity grants the player speed, agility, and magical control that was never thought possible before. As the protagonist progresses in their journey, they reveal their deep desires for justice, revenge, and the strength to end a looming war. How will this new power fit in to a world closer and closer to the boiling point of an all out conflict? This tale will be much more than a generic good vs evil struggle, and will face real issues of morality, corruption, and violent conflict. When you apply, if you would like to hear a more in depth version of the story, feel free to let me know, and I will share.

Content so far:

Right now we have a playable character, a decent sized arena to move around in, and some improved artwork and design. I have included – the player design we have at the moment, some animation sketches, the world we made so far, as well as the updated environment (we are in the process now of changing the color scheme to the reddish/orange design), as well as some sketches of the props, something that you most likely would be working on. Check the link to see more of it


To Apply

if you are interested in looking further into this project, or you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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