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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Space Dwarves Entertainment on

Unity Expert/Programmer c#
Internship Details:
- Assistance in programming parts of the game (E.g. Gameplay, itemization, client/code polishing)
- Troubleshoot Unity errors as they arise.
- Timeframe: 3 months minimum, 12 months maximum with the possibility of extension

- Top Skills in Unity3d Programming C#/JS (C# is a MUST!)
- Knowledge/ability to program in Java (Exit Games Photon Server-Side Code)
- Knowledge of network programming (Communication Layer Protocols) a plus

Assistant Software Engineer

Our Assistant Software Engineers work with cutting-edge technology to tackle some of the industry's biggest challenges. Combine that opportunity with a passion for programming and games, and you pretty much have the perfect job.

Regardless of their specific role, our Assistant Software Engineers are serious about making games. They are "techies" with a passion for gaming. They typically have a degree in a computer science related field, though some have gained their knowledge via real world programming experience. Our engineers recognize that the secret to being successful is not only technical know-how and clean code, but also an ability and desire to work and thrive in a dynamic and creative team environment.

This is an immediate non-paid remote internship. We do offer reporting to your school to enable you to earn credit for the internship but it starts right away.

We also give you credit in the game for your work and experience for your resume or Linkedin.

To Apply

We need to know the skills you have that may be of use for our team.
We use Unity3d. Do you have any skills in using this program?
What games genre's are you familiar with? MMO, MOBA or RPG?

If you are interested in having an internship with us please send me your email so that I might conduct a discord interview with you. I conduct discord interviews between 9am and 4pm EST.
Contact: dreamlarp@yahoo.com

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