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Programmers located Nebraska.

Posted by Unnamed Indie Team on

Looking for artist, programmer, and music developer. Interest in cartography, military theory, philosophy, history, pre-modern trade, naval exploration and ship craft highly valued assets to project but not mandatory.

The game is a tactical grid turn based TRUE hardcore western RPG with non conventional mechanics and systems. You must have played XCOM 2, Battletech, Banner Saga, witcher 3, Skyrim, Dungeons and Dragons board game, and any good 4E game. If you have not played all these game, or are not willing to, and have no interest in the genre, do not apply.

Still here? good. Ill be honest, im just out of high school and desperate, but ive played video games more than school. i may not be able to code worth a crap, and have no artistic bone in my body, but i know the market and what people like. and i have money. so join me and make the team, i can pay you a regular salary, and we can even put a kick starter up. if you are passionate about video games, know that i am to, and i am probably the best damn director for video games in the whole state. Since Nebraska has absolute crap for video games, i can say that with confidence.

I may be greener than my lawn, but i will bust my ass on games until the day i die. if anything i said has sown any doubt, good instinct. Probably not smart to take up my offer here. But dedication is my middle name, and all the cards are on the table. Nothing held back. im not looking to slave drive a poor sucker, im looking for a partner. If the only thing im good for is working fifty hours a week at a gas station to keep the game going, i will do that without hesitation.

So come on, lets give it a go. ive got nothing to lose, and you probably dont either if you are still reading this. You have absoloutely nothing to lose by at least checking up with this ad. Seriously, nothing at all. Please help me, im desperate. Just, please be competent.

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Call 531-218-4809. Better to text then call

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