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Artists located Anywhere, Europe preferred.

Posted by DELTA_12 on

Hello everyone!
My name is Martin and I am an experienced part-time game developer from Slovakia and the creator of the upcoming game Deep Space Downfall and leader of our small team of developers. I would like to introduce you to this project, and if you're interested ask for your help in bringing it to reality.

A clarification before you start reading
After you finish reading the introduction to the game, it will probably sound like a lot of work and an unrealistic effort. However, in reality it isn't and let me clarify why.

The plan is to develop a relatively small number (about 50) of original assets, of which various parts can be reused. Most of the foliage and natural assets will be purchased and sometimes modified. This for sure reduces the amount of content in the game and it's originality. But that is the price for successfully developing an indie game I'm willing to pay.

Furthermore, even though the game's open world is relatively static and almost identical during every playthrough, procedural generation has been used and will continue being used extensively during world's development. This drastically reduces the workload, while still making sure that the game world will be interesting.

I hope you will keep these facts in mind while reading, and won't sign off this project after you're done.

The game
In this game, you play as an astronaut who is left stranded on a distant, uncharted planet, after a deep space survey mission went terribly wrong.
Your goal is to explore the uncharted alien world, create new equipment, build your own base, and most importantly, survive. Throughout the game, you will keep advancing in your technological level, gradually unlocking more structures and equipment.

As mentioned above, in order to progress, you will need to continue fulfilling your original mission: explore the unknown alien world. As you soon find out, this planet is unlike any other we discovered so far and it even seems that you are not the first one to arrive here. While exploring the environment, you will also explore the story that is linked to this place and hopefully revealing the truth about your mission and finally, finding a way home.
Overall, the game is a mix of adventure, action and sandbox–style gameplay

The team
I am currently looking for 3D artists and/or concept artists who would help achieve this goal. The primary focus would be designing and creating the game’s environment (foliage, rocks, wildlife, buildings, ruins, crashed spaceship etc.) but also static and dynamic objects related to gameplay (this includes structures and other place-able objects, items, tools, and so on). Animating and material editing are useful skills, but are not inherently required. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, and thus any experience with the engine is very useful.

You would be working in a small team without a fixed schedule, but with a minimal monthly contribution that is expected to be met. Each asset has got a set amount of “points”, that signify its importance and difficulty to develop. This system is used to explicitly and objectively track the performance of all developers.

What state is the game in?
I have been working on this game tirelessly over a period of roughly 6 months alone, in order to provide not only concept, but also prove the game's ongoing development. Besides creating a comprehensive game and development documentation, the game’s gameplay, graphics and landscape (world terrain) are in a game-ready state. I've also laid foundations for the 3D and mostly 2D art.
Since then, I've been able to create a small team of developers, and we are currently starting to work on the major game assets. It is still not enough though, and we need more passionate people to join this project.

This is a volunteer position. As it usually goes, revenues would be split after a successful release according to the amount of work done. I can't provide any forward payment at this time, I'm sorry.

Additionally, if you are not a 3D or concept artist, but you believe that you could contribute to this project in any other reasonable way, feel free to write as well.

To Apply

If you're interested, write a short introduction to mato.hrehor@gmail.com. Please, mention any previous projects you have worked on and provide a quick summary of your skills and experience.

Anywhere, Europe preferred
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