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Posted by panurge3000 on

I’ve recently become aware of an artist-shaped hole in my professional life that I’m hoping to plug with this post. Ideally, I’m looking for a long-term collaborator who’d be interested in working on, developing and contributing to a bunch of projects of varying sizes.


  • A writer of many years’ experience. I’ve had lots of fiction published both in print and online, written freelance for some big studio projects (Ubisoft, Devolver, Pathea) and worked in a more holistic role on a number of smaller indie games. Links to most things can be found here: leewilliams.eu
  • Reasonably proficient at making my own games using Construct 2 and Unity. I’m not a ‘proper’ coder but I do know plenty of people who are. My idea is that I can prototype pretty much anything we might want to do and then if it works I can holler at one of them to get involved.
  • Easy-going, thick-skinned. I like working with other people and I’ve been doing this for long enough that I’m not precious about my own work. I invite constructive criticism and I love discussion.
  • NOT a serial killer.


  • An artist, preferably a 2D generalist. Painterly or pixely, I don’t mind. A surreal and experimental tendency is a bonus (I’d invite you to glance at some of the fiction on my site to know if we’re likely to be a good match).
  • Keen to collaborate in the fullest sense of the word. I don’t want someone to just draw my words but to inspire them too. Ideally, you’ll be just as responsible as me for whatever direction we take.
  • Interested in making some games which lean heavily on narrative and style. Visual novels, card games, interactive comics, dating sims etc. Quirky takes on these sorts of genres are what I’m mostly interested in at the moment.
  • Happy to work on small projects from passion alone, preferably someone like me who makes money elsewhere and can spare the time to experiment. I’m not going to give you any crap about this looking good on your portfolio! With the understanding, of course, that if we go commercial with anything then we’ll split the proceeds down the middle (or come up with an agreement in advance if we’re working with a larger team).
  • NOT an active serial killer.

If this sounds like you or a possible version of you, please drop me a line at leewilliams75 at gmail dot com and link me to some of your work. This could be the start of something beautiful!

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leewilliams75 at gmail dot com

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