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Posted by Artificialselectiongame.com on

Website: ArtificialSelectionGame.com

Contact Email: ArtificialSelectionGame@gmail.com

Twitter: @ArtiSelect_Game - Screenshots here!

Artificial Selection is a top-down shooter with features such as:

- A custom engine made by us, allowing features to be added very quickly.
Artificial Intelligence that uses evolutionary algorithms to make enemies harder to beat the more you play.
- Procedurally-generated weapons with unique mechanics to counter enemies with unique mechanics.
- Both procedurally-generated and hand-crafted maps made through the in-game editor.
- A campaign system that uses these levels.
- A fully-destructible environment, with persistent destruction and debris for extra carnage!
- Explosive particle and shader systems that make sure there is never a dull moment on screen.
- A concrete story and outline with vibrant characters and interactions, as well as an exciting and epic progression of events.
- Very fast content pipeline, allowing art to be added into the game in seconds.

As of right now, Artificial Selection has a plethora of features, but in most cases, we don't have the art to adequately represent them in-game. Lots of the stuff we have already coded in have had to be disabled due to lack of art. As we move forward, our main goals will be to finalize features already in existence and implement the art necessary to make a complete and polished game. Our hope is to eventually release this game on Steam with a retail price and to continue development post-release. The game Artificial Selection has been in development for over 3 years as of current our team intends to do everything possible to secure its successful release.

Our team is currently composed of four people: Masana Pawlan (Programmer), Chris Mills-Bowling (Audio/Design), Eric Thoi (Story), Nico Otte (QA), we are all close friends and our development cycle and communication frequency reflects this. Due to the size of our team, everyone has a large say in the design of the game, what's even more exciting is if we have the art for a feature or enemy, we'll likely be able to rapidly implement it given our team's potency. We often work in concentrated bursts of rapid development, but with a steady stream of art, we could very likely begin to polish old features and implement new features on a regular schedule. We are also very accommodating to any schedule, but would prefer a more consistent work flow. An important note is that we're mostly college students, and we all work on this project in our own free time, so there is no payment except for a portion of the fund accrued by game sales when released for retail.

As for the details regarding the overall art direction of the game. The top-down perspective and number of observable dimensions is for the most part non-negotiable. Given it is a custom engine in XNA, we've developed the features for the game in its current state, a change to the orientation of the game would be costly. As for the overall aesthetic of the game, nothing is set in stone. If you are an ambitious artist and have the mettle to redo the art for the entire game in your favored contiguous top-down aesthetic, we'd be likely be ecstatic. At the very least, the environment art is looking to be entirely replaced, with a style that best seamlessly accommodates the hectic combat happening around it. GUI, Weapons, Character, and Enemy art is also a high priority, but currently has a style that we're comfortable shipping the game with. Again, this is completely open to change, but we do need artists for these categories as well.

Artist Jobs Overview:


Environment Artist:

Task Examples: Top-Down Doodads(Machinery, Barrels, Cabinets, Plants, Interactables, Etc), Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles.

This is far and above our most needed position as there is currently no environment art that we are comfortable shipping in the final game. In other words everything you see is just a concept place holder, with many options for change available. Our tile system works on 24 x 24 pixel blocks used to make the the walls and floors tiles of maps. However, the art for these tiles do not have to be 24x24; tiles can be made up of large repeating textures, or from multiple small textures that can be randomly chosen, rotated, and/or post-processed per tile. Doodads exist and can be placed off the grid or locked to the grid, rotated, and scaled, all in the map editor; these items should be the most detailed in the the game, next to some Bosses.

Character Artist:

Task Examples: Weapons, Player Character, Enemies, Armor Sets.

Unlike our Environment Art, the art examples listed above already have an aesthetic that we're okay with for shipping a final product with. However, if you would feel more comfortable creating your own aesthetic as opposed to style matching, we would accommodate the change given enough of the new art. Our Character, Weapons, Enemies, Armor, and Bosses all work on a kind of "Parts System". To give an example, The player character currently has these images in its folder directory: Torso, left hand, left forearm, left shoulder, right hand, right forearm, right shoulder, left leg, right leg, left foot, right foot, head. 12 total images. Most animations are handled in-game using the in-game animation handler, there are however some frame by frame animations which greatly adds to the fidelity of the game in the few cases it does exist. One example being the rotating barrel of the minigun weapons. Weapons generally have two parts, handle and barrel, and have the option of many additional attachments. Armor sets or Aspect Suits have yet to be implemented, however will be shared by the player and Avatar enemies in Artificial Selection.

GUI Artist:

Task Examples: Inventory, HUD, Menus, All GUI

While we currently do not have any finalized GUI in the game as of right now, it is also not the main priority since our team would be fine shipping the game with a basic easy-to-read UI to allow the user to focus on the vibrant particles, gameplay, and explosions happening in-game. However GUI is still a requirement, and if the previous two fields don't apply to you, we'd love to have an illustrious UI for our game. If you intend to work as UI expect to have a more iterative process than usual.

Marketing Asset Artist:

Task Examples: Logo, Poster Art, Vector Symbolic Art, Advertising Materials, Brand Materials.

Historically our team would simply advertise with screenshots and a text overlay, however we realize the importance of a game's public appearance and this position would be responsible for working or screening any of the art, screenshots, or game footage to be displayed to the public. They would also be required to make marketing materials as listed in the tasks as well. Vector art is greatly valued for this position.

Thank you for reading!
And thank you for the interest in our game!
We're very proud to present it, and look forward to its completion.


The Artificial Selection Team

To Apply

Email: ArtificialSelectionGame@gmail.com

*Anyone can apply to as many positions as they want.

When you're ready to submit and application please provide the following!

-A friendly introduction letting us know who you are and stuff you like! We want to know you!
-A simple portfolio, ideally of assets similar to the ones described by the positions applied to, non-in-game art is acceptable as well.
-A rough estimate and explanation of time that you're able to give to a unpaid while in development project such as this.
-Optional: A Written resume.
-Optional: Any questions you have for us about anything regarding Artificial Selection.
-Optional: Ask for a build of the game! We'll try to get that to you as soon as possible!

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