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Posted by PseudoCityBuilder on

Hobbyist looking for an animator to join a project building an evil city builder prototype. At the moment, our only goal is to build a simple, working prototype of the concept to get a feel for things. Figure out if the game has any potential for fun and how much work it would take to get a finished product, maybe shop it around to some publishers, but if all goes well, we have a more robust version in mind.
The game is inspired by titles like A Dark Room and Banished, but will take on a Dungeon Keeper twist with the player controlling the evil forces rising to power out in the wilderness. Players will balance keeping their minions fed, clothed, and housed, while also fighting off attacks on your encampment from the occasional marauding hero.
Eventually, your evil empire will reach the point where it can attract some real villains and you will have the opportunity to go out and conquer the heroic towns and cities.

If you have ever watched Lord of the Rings and thought to yourself "How the hell does Sauron keep all those orcs fed when he lives in a brimstone wasteland?" this is the project for you.

Wow, the character requirement on these posts really forces you to ramble.

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If you are interested in working on this project, send an email to andrew.connelly23@gmail.com

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