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Apprentice Arriving™ is a Single Player / Dark / Action / Fantasy / RPG for the PS4, Xbox-One and PC.

Powered with Unreal Engine 4 / Version: 4.19

Game Concept

Journey with two completely different main characters, a mysterious little girl and a prince granted with incredible strength, as the memories you collect begin to intertwine. Learn and develop skills for both characters as you make your way through the past and into the present. Fill the various skilltrees of your character until you become a true and worthy Paladin. Fight through enemy hoards, face mystic and fearful bosses, and wander through a land of countless environments

Graphics/Textures: 3D next-gen, colorful, semi-realistic, japanese fantasy art, high quality style (not photo-realistic)

How far is the game?

We are working on a demo version. That means we have the main character with equipment and armor sets, two environments under development, creatures modeled and textured as well as a completed story with voice acting from professionals included.

What are your tasks?

Rigging, skinning, animating characters and creatures for the demo.
Also animate combat movements, facial expressions etc. You will closely work together with the Lead Animator and the programmers and update the team about any new progress.


We can not pay you at the current state however we get in contact with investors very soon. As soon as we are supported by them, a high payment for very skilled artists is guaranteed.

About us

The real development started in October 2017. We are now a team consisting of professionals who worked in the industry on AAA titles and hobbyists. We are confident, determined and we strive to become the best.

Check out our first demo trailer here: Indiedb.com

To Apply


Licenses for all softwares for commercial usage is a must.
You have to be familiar with Unreal Engine 4.


Good experience in: Animating, Rigging, Skinning

Knowledge in human anatomy
High reliability
Open for communication
Good English skills

Help us to create something beautiful and send us a short mail with your resume and your best references to: contact@jewel-seeker.net

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