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Add job [REVSHARE] Augmented Reality Mobile Game and Social Platform at Aerthlings

Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Aerthlings on

Aerthlings is an Augmented Reality RPG mobile game dedicated to gamifying climate action! Making use of Web 3.0 tactics we want to reconnect people to their local communities. The climate crisis is the biggest issue humanity has ever faced and we have a shorter and shorter timeline to get ahead of the problem. You will be joining our team to become a climate champion, fighting the good fight. We want to give people a reason to gather and get to know their neighbours by applying them to the task of fixing their local environment while also having a fun element for those who want a hint of escapism to deal with this heavy topic.

Think: Pokemon Go but for the environment. Sound cool? We think so! And we choose you!

We are looking for another addition to the team to help program the game and app. All team members are working UNPAID for FUTURE compensation within the NRW area but we have successfully received recommendation for a very small fund which we are applying for once more immediately. You would be signing on as a co-founder in order to receive this funding with the aim of further fundraising thereafter. We know the money will come, what we need is the team to build our platform based on their own intrinsic motivation because fighting to save the planet is one of the best things you can spend your time doing right now.

We work in Unity3D with AR Foundation and have all the assets needed for proof of concept. We would like to have someone come in on the groundfloor of what we know can be a big and meaningful project!

Our team is diverse, emotionally-intelligent, full of excellent communication and heart. Everyone's voice is heard in our team and we encourage everyone to play to their strengths.

Your skills:

  • Knowledge of Unity3D
  • Knowledge of AR Foundation
  • Knowledge of C# coding language
  • Leadership Skills
  • Knowledge of Game Development and/or App Development
  • Desire to be a part of an exciting ecological project
  • Fluent German and English

Please get in touch asap! Let's make moves and kick this crisis' butt!

To Apply

Send your CV and portfolio to: teamaerthlings@gmail.com