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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

We are a game development team formed by young professionals and students to create a short game with high visual quality and great gameplay.

the game we are making is a Dark souls kind of Action RPG with new gameplay mechanics , and it is set in the arabian desert.

the game will offer 1-2 hours of gameplay and will focus on getting the best quality possible.

the team is in need of talented concept artists that can voulenteer to help on character design or on the game environment. this position is ideal for students and young professionals as it will help them build their portfolio while collaborating in an actual project and getting first experince in game development as a team.

So if you are a concept artist , student or talented in drawing and creating concepts , don't hesitate to send samples of your work (if you have any) and We would love to accept your contributions to this amazing project.

This is an Unpaid position, however there's lot of benifit in voulenteering , you will get a chance to show your skills in a real game project , that will give you the credit as part of the design team and will get improve your
skills while collaborating with other artists.

To Apply

Please send me an email at : achrafgarai@hotmail.com
make sure you upload samples of your work if you have any.

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