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Marketing located United States Required .

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My name is Eric and I am the Producer of the released Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars modification Tiberium Secrets. We are starting a new commercial project that is not a mod.

We consist of passionate individuals striving to get into the games and entertainment industries, which has resulted in us networking with many developers and executives in the industry. We also obtained two gamedev.net sponsored passes for the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2017), valued at ~2K each, for leadership, as well as one sponsored pass for GDC 2018. Leadership attended GDC 2019 as well.

We're looking for dedicated individuals interested in starting a new project with us.

You can check the game's page for our past work:


Project Description:

We are making an action adventure puzzle game that is based on the SCP universe.

SCP stands for secure, contain, protect, and this genre is about supernatural scientific phenomena that endanger the world.

If you don't know what the SCP foundation is, here is an introduction from the youtuber TheVolgun:

SCP Explained - A Modern Introduction to the SCP Foundation

In short, we are creating a game that is set in a supernatural mall.

The project is going to be done in UE4.

Project Overview

Aether Mall is a first person horror puzzle game set in the SCP universe. It will include a few established SCPs, as well as a few of our own making. The Player is expected to find their way out of the mall, learning pieces of lore and other things along the way.

Mission Statement

We hope to provide a dynamic and fluid atmosphere that invokes multiple emotions: fear, confusion, dread, and revulsion. We also want to serve as a gateway to the SCP universe and all it has to offer.

Open positions:

We are trying to keep up a friendly and family-like atmosphere in the team. That is why one of our most important requirements for all of the below positions is to have a friendly and open minded attitude towards your work and also the work of the other team members, alongside constructive criticism from all involved. We are trying to produce at a high quality level and want all of our members to work as efficient and well-organized as they can. All the work you are going to do for us will be appropriately accredited. Since this is an online project, you are going to need a microphone for communication via Skype.


Honor Games is a start up company looking to fill this financial position. They would be revising and contributing to our game proposal, pitch deck, and project budget. Right now this is a volunteer position, but with the potential to expand to paid work if our project takes off and we need someone on a more permanent basis.


  • Associates degree in accounting/ business/ or marketing or finance
  • Must be in the US
  • Contract Signature
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Team Player
  • Passionate and respectful
  • Grit
  • Initiative
  • Keen attention to detail


  • In California
  • Experience with budgets
  • Bachelors degree in accounting business marketing or finance
  • Experience working in the videogame industry


This is Rev share, and while there are no direct monetary rewards, these positions give the great chance to not only gain experience in your fields, but to also work together with highly motivated individuals in a team. It is required to give and take constructive criticism and simply push the designs to the limits to give the player the best gaming experience possible. In addition, we are focusing on creating high quality in all points of design, which means that you'll get great video material to publish on your blogs/websites to showcase your work. You can expect a solid foundation and work done in every area of development, since this is not our first project. The team leader may be a reference for future work relationships.

Required time:

This position requires a minimum of roughly 5 hours per week. The amount of time you have to put into this project is highly depending on how efficient you work. It makes sense that you will need less time, if you produce high quality at any point, so the given times are just a rough estimate. It is very important that you can react to e-mails and inquiries via smart phone or any other devices, though. We also have regular team meetings, which are required. They are currently scheduled for 7-10pm PST every Wednesday. If you're unable to meet at this time regularly please say so in your initial response.

We use our Google Drive, Trello, Skype and e-mail for the exchange of data and information. Further information can be given upon request.

Interested in working with us?

To Apply

send time zone, education/experience, resume to honorgamesllc@gmail.com

United States Required
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