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Project name: Liber Ritualis Project timeframe to next milestone: 1 -. 2 months Current team composition: 1 writer, 1 programer, 1 composer. Methods of organization: Discord, Hack n Plan, Github.

Positions needed.

1 3D environmental artist , Preferably using blender, 1 vfx artist, preferably using blender 1 character artist

I'm the head of a small team attempting to finish the prototype of a survival horror/ occult mystery game. Influences include FNAF, Clocktower, Fatal Frame, and Dark Souls. At this time we have all the core mechanics in place and are polishing them while I research publishers, if that fails then we'll try crowdfunding. Liber Ritualis is about a victorian occultist who gets engulfed in a mystery around the disappearance of his mentor. The main story is that Edward, a young occult practitioner goes to his godfather's hunting lodge after his godfather mysteriously disappeared, to cast a necromantic rite in order to determine if his godfather is alive or dead. After this he gets traped in a limbo plane and must appease a group of spirits in order to win his freedom. Researching during the day, and attempting to appease the spirits at night. The core gameplay mechanics center around using elemental magic to solve logic puzzles whole being stalked through a shifting maze by a monster. With the maze being the player being drawn closer to world. I would say more but I'd rusk spoiling the mystery. Other core mechanics include healing items that make you more vulnerable to damage for a shady time Damage from being to close to the wrong object, and damage from looking at the wrong object. Historical and Occult accuracy are being prioritized, with the game being set in 1897 rural U.K; and the occultism mostly being drawn from classical greek mystery cults, and alchemy. Graphically we're going for something along the lines of amnesia darkest decent in terms of graphics. This game's narrative is to be presented in an unorthodox style combining elements of FNAF and Dark Souls in it's narrative presentation.

To Apply

If you're interested please either email me at aponder1342@gmail.com or pm me at ValenShadowpaw1342#6616.

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