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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Gicaldo on

DISCLAIMER: This is an animation series, not a game. However, since many people here have the skillset we're looking for, it's still worth a shot. I hope I'm not breaking any guidelines; feel free to delete this post if I am.

PTCH (pronounced 'Pitch') follows two teams of students as they attend Haven Academy. They soon get entangled in RWBY's plot behind the scenes as they investigate the attack on Amber without being aware of Salem or the Maidens. From Volume 4 onwards, their story becomes entirely self-contained.

We attempt to capture everything that made RWBY great: Quippy dialogue, lovable characters, over-the-top action scenes, stylized visuals, etc. At the same time, we're trying to improve on the show's problems, like a vague plot and problems with character development. We want to deliver the best RWBY experience possible, while still being our own thing.

We gathered quite a respectable team. Concept artists, composers, animators, modelers, a storyboard artist. But we still need more people if we're to get started with animating the first trailer anytime soon.


- Stage modelers - We already have a few buildings for the trailer, made by an architecture student, but we'll need an actual environment to incorporate them into, plus a few extra buildings.

- Asset modelers - Able to create complex models such as early versions of Paladins and atlesian airships.

- Concept artists - For characters, assets and stages. Concept artists will need quite a lot of experience, but especially creativity. This being the world of Remnant, designs are usually intricate and creative. We want to live up to that standard.

Here's a demo of what we have so far, including concept art, a page of storyboards, scripts and our first original song: Drive.google.com

We're looking forward to working with you!

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Send an email with your portfolio to gicaldo@gmail.com

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