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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by RedMemoriesGames on

Hey! Our team is currently looking for your talents!
We are looking for:

- 3D modeler
- animator
- Level Designer
- UI Designer
- programmer
- gameplay designer

But first, you certainly want to know what to expect:

The team:
We are a 12-member, internationally distributed team, which was founded about a year ago. Many of us have years of experience in the games industry, but we also welcome young talents with little experience.
Our team has a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, complemented by lots of funny stories, memes and many insider jokes.

The work:
For the work we have already developed some systems that should make the work processes as pleasant as possible.
Anyone is always available for any questions. Everyone has clear tasks.

Being a very young team and working on our first project, we have relatively few monetary resources. Therefore, the project is currently running under the "profit-share" principle. This means that once the game is released everyone gets a share of the profit.

The Game:
The game itself is a Siberian-based storylike game with some shooter elements. However, the story is more in the foreground.
Here is a small part of the story:

"Burn it down ... burn it all down ...."

A simple message, but one made more disturbing by its origin: a long-abandoned village in the coldness of the tundra. Those who were concerned, had not known the presence of anyone since the 1970's.

That is, until you come along. You're dispatched to investigate the origin of the message, finding yourself in an eerie time capsule of retro-futuristic decay and broken promises of a bright and shiny future.

But soon you discover that you are not alone. Far from it. Those who wander the rotting carcass of the Space have plans for you. Terrifying this is not the only thing that's going on ...


3D modeler:
Create realistic 3D models (eg humans, vehicles, buildings, weapons) with high-resolution textures in a common program (eg Blender, 3D Max, etc.)

Animating 3D models, such as humans, animals (wolves etc.) vehicles and more

level designer:
Experience with UE 4.
Create concepts for parts of the game world (Map), implement these plans in UE4 in collaboration with the modelers, programmers and game designers.

UI Designer
Experience with UE4
Develop and design an intuitive, modern menu and in-game HUD design.

programmer: (especially AI)
Experience with UE 4.
Gameplay Programmer (C ++ or UE4 Blueprints) for implementing Game Designer concepts. (AI, gameplay features etc.)

gameplay designer:
Develop concepts for game mechanics, game worlds, levels, and more.

To Apply

If you are interested in any of these positions, send an e-mail with a short cover letter to redmemoriesgames@outlook.com

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