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Add job [PAID] 3D Environmental Artist for JRPG Game at CodedSnakeTeam

Level Designers located Remote.

Posted by CodedSnakeTeam on

Me and the team are looking for a 3D Environmental Artist for our game Tricker Triger! We've got loads of props and levels already populated with props but we need someone who can really make the scene pop and fill in the negative spaces! If you're interested do send me an application, the payout of each of the tasks will be displayed at the bottom of the posting.

Job info is as follows:


Requested Job Title: 3D Environmental Artist

Start Date for the position: ASAP

Position Type: Freelance

Compensation: $760

Demo/Portfolio/Samples Required: Yes

Location: Remotely

Skills and Software Knowledge:


Knowledge of:


Environmental Special Effects and Lighting


Can do 2D Concept Art

Can do 3D Modeling

Has a portfolio of Sci-Fi environments

Knows Git Hub

Is a Game Designer



Description: The applicant would be skilled in the realms of making 3D Environments with the proper lighting and placing special effects for the environment to set the mood of the level. You can really make eye-popping scenery and be well versed in using Unity. Filling in the negative space, populating the scene with tertiary details, asking the right questions, and taking critical feedback is very well needed for this position.

Any work completed for the Game Demo is allowed to be displayed on your portfolio page.

Task Breakdown:

New Star City Scene: $100

Clinic Scene: $80

Tower Scene: $80

Police Station Scene (Lighting/Effects): $60

Police Station Combat Scenes (3 scenes at $40): $120

Suburb Combat Scenes (2 Scenes at $40): $80

Clinic Combat Scenes (3 scenes at $40): $120

Tower Combat Scene (3 scenes at $40): $120

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