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Add job 3D Character Rigging needed for RPG Game and Blender VTuber Side Project at Coded Snake

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by CodedSnakeTeam on

Requested Job Title: 3D Character Rigger

Start Date for the position: ASAP

Position Type: Freelance


Maya LT Rig: $300 ($100 a rig/3 rigs)

Blender Rig: $320 ($80 a rig/4 rigs)

Experience Level: Entry 0-2 years

Demo/Portfolio/Samples Required: Yes

Location: Remotely

Skills and Software Knowledge:


Knowledge of:

Maya Lt


Working applicable knowledge in Unity


Retopologizing high-poly meshes to optimize your rig.


Maya LT


Description: The applicant would be skilled in the realms of making 3D Character rigs for bi-pedal characters and ideally quadrupeds as well. You also know how to retopologize a high-poly mesh to make your rig more optimized for both you and the animator.

We have character rigs but they need improvements and weights painted onto the characters.

Any work completed for the Game Demo is allowed to be displayed on your portfolio page.

The Maya Lt License seat will be provided.

The Blender VTuber side project is for advertising the game, we have 3 out of 4 rigs completed but they need to be plugged into Unity and working with Vive Trackers, the 4th uncompleted rig is a T-Shirt that needs physics added to it.

To Apply

Send a Resume with a link to your portfolio to Codedsnaketeam@gmail.com