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We need your help to make our game become real. Animalia Fables (provisory name) is a turn based strategy rpg, where you control and play with anthropomorphic creatures in a worl where humans where never born.

You will be able to hire mercenaries from all of the four initial races based on animals: Alderon (bulls), Myoshi (foxes), Tythene (owls) and Froggan (provisory name for the frogs). Each of the four races have three possible classes and two different genders characters.

Opposite to other games, where you have specific characters to work with, we intent do have a huge variety of model types and color patterns for the same race/class. You can hire two Savage Alderons, and they would have different names, fur pattern, color, height and even details, like earings, piercings, maybe half a horn missing.

The game also counts with a card system that works as skills for each and every character. Every single race and class has it's own specific skills that will be combined into a deck that you will take with you to the battlefield.

We also count with a permadeath system, where after dying a specific amount of times you will lose your character and be forced to work with a new one, forcing the player to have a whole army of mecenaries ready, not only a single main one. The mercenaries will have their own levels and stats, as we will add a randomic modifier to have stronger and weaker mercenaries (like pokemon IV's if you're into pokemon at all). You will also be able to find rarer mercenaries, with higher stats values and more complex armor and clothes.

The game itself will be played around a turn based hexagonal arena where your objective is either be the last one standing or to capture the enemy base, playing 1v1 or in squad games with your friends or random online people.

You can check a little bit of what we have here: Indiedb.com


We have right now one 2D artist working in the character concepts, he's making a base concept for every single race, gender and class. The 3D Character Artists will be asked to model the base body of each of those 24 characters, and then, with the help of the other 2 members of the 3D team (they're making props and the arenas), add variety to the models (like different piercings, heights, and other details to make the game more interesting).

We don't need any rigging right now, and we won't force you to later, only if you want to help with that part.

Right now we have 6 concepts on which you will be working, making the base mesh and the varieties. We're also will be looking for new 2D artists to make clothes, armor and weapon variations, which the prop guy will be working on, and you will be able to help if you want.

To Apply

If you're interested at all in the project, just let me know!
Contact me at: rphmadruga@gmail.com
Or add me in discord: .ph#8521

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