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Company & Project Showcase - Griever Games - Forlorn Outcast

tl:dr - New Indie Studio (Griever Games) looking for Environment Artists to develop Tilsa; the world of the souls-like project, Forlorn Outcast.


We're Griever Games, a recently formed Indie Team working on our first commercial product, Forlorn Outcast. We have been in development for approximately 9 months (minus pre-production) and consist of 14 team members, ranging from Programmers, Artists (Character & Environment), Sound Designer, Level Designer and more....

We've developed a Video to showcase a little bit about who we are, how we work and some of our progress on Forlorn Outcast. We hope the video gives you some indication of how we work at Griever and why the project is worth getting involved with.

The world we are developing is ambitious, both in terms of scale and detail, and so, we are looking to expand our art team to help bring it to life. The video outlines the requirements of artists interested in the project. As the video states, we are looking for ENVIRONMENT ARTISTS

As a brief summary, Forlorn Outcast is a souls-like game where balancing powerful magic and combo-filled melee combat is a constant struggle. The world of Tilsa is invaded by a race that feast on magic and those gifted with it. Casting spells may alleviate your suffering temporarily, but be warned, excessive magic empowers your foes and is a one-way ticket to an early grave.

To get a better idea of the project and the company, please watch the video below. Contact info and how to find more information on both the company and project is shared at the end of the video.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Griever Games

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