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Hello! My name is Ash Lawrence, I was on Fallout: Cascadia for about two and a half years as a level designer, Fallout: Miami for six months in the same position, and I have been part of the Beyond Skyrim projects for the last nearly three years, and now I'm the project lead for an upcoming new lands mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We're currently seeking out talented modelers with a good eye for design and functionality, as well as the ability to make optimized assets for an old engine.

Our Project

Our project takes and expands upon an archipelago from the deeper lore of The Elder Scrolls in the Padomaic Ocean to the east of Tamriel. This archipelago, known as the Cathnoquey Archipelago, has a long lost power hidden deep in the memory of its people.We are hoping and planning to join up with the umbrella project of Beyond Skyrim, but in order to do that we need to know what it is our project will look like, which is where you come in!

Your Responsibilities

As a 3d artist, you'd be tasked with making the models and textures for locations, characters, armor and weapon sets, and interpreting what the concept artists have drawn into 3d space. We'd like for our 3d artists to be well rounded and ideally would be able to do what is required of them for the position, but we will give you the tasks that fit you best while also challenging you and giving you room to grow.

Does this sound like the right position for you? Contact us! Our team uses Discord, so if you don't have a Discord account already please make one. Our leadership will look over and discuss your application. If you're accepted, we'll ideally let you know within four weeks! If you are unfortunately denied we will inform you within four weeks as well, with reason provided upon request.

To Apply

Send any past works or examples to AshGLawrence@gmail.com, or contact them on Discord @CreatyChameleon#3692.

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