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We’re looking for a 3D artist and animator to join our team! Our game, Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn, is a narrative-driven, magical realist adventure game about liminal spaces and the mythologies we build around people.

There are multiple story lines and characters, but in brief, the one you would be designing would be the alternate reality version of a main character's wife (Jen) in a parallel universe. This husband (Henry) and wife (Jen) are married to different versions of each other, and are communicating through a metaphysical radio to try to understand why they are both so lonely in their current relationships with different versions of each other.

We’re looking for someone to create 3D art and light animation for a 6-bedroom house in Unity. I would prefer it be low-poly, but it must be stylized. We don’t want assets that look like they came from a Unity store. Most of our game is in 2D, but we want to toggle between 2D and 3D for different realities.

If you can also program, that would be ideal and we can renegotiate the rate. Can you do that thing in Unity where it looks like the walls and furniture are moving away, like a theatrical stage set? EVEN BETTER. Looking for a strong artist first and foremost, so don’t let that stop you from applying if you don’t program.

We're also looking for someone to design 2D or 2.5D architectural models of ea level with some light animation (about 6 levels). This would just be a clickable model overview (like a cutaway of a dollhouse with a cat running through it or a bird flying over –minimal animation). The individual rooms are already designed, so you would have references.

It's important to us to pay talented artists for their work, but I am a recent graduate, so I'm bankrolling all this myself as a passion project. I'm paying everyone before I pay myself, but unfortunately that means funds are somewhat modest. I am hoping to run a successful Fig or Kickstarter campaign once the demo is complete, and if that does well, I can increase payment for all, but I can't promise that. I have $1,500 in the budget for the scope of what I’ve outlined here (minus programming). If you'd need just a little more to make it worth your while, and we love your work enough, we might be willing to renegotiate, so please apply regardless.

Lastly, here's our game jolt page! Gamejolt.com
You can watch our trailer here: www.greatgoldbird.com

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If interested in applying, please submit your resume and a portfolio of your work or website to twinalchemy@gmail.com.

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