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Add job 3D animators and help in general needed for Unreal project at Anywhere

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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Xris_teamUMPDev on

Hello my name is Xris, I am here developing a multi genre game on the unreal engine it's called "Project R". If you want to improve your skills in a voluntary project (Not Paid and no budget), this is the right place for you. We would like to make this as fun for everyone.

Project R is a game that mixes many genres together into one unique experience while also having a story driven narrative that grabs your attention.

The Game might be at least 20 hours long, there are many elements like stealth, Action Rpg, some horror and much much more but the game isn't open world and isn't planning to have super intense graphics but still nice to the eye.

Right now I have a few tasks open for anybody who wants to help.

3D modeling
You can choose to work on either vehicles or weapons or character models.

Someone who can do Animations for either vehicles or characters.

Level Desgin
Someone who can improve/understand map concepts and make them unique as well as very memorable.

Prototypes code to go into the game to improve the game.

Game-Over viewer
Responsible for posting updates to the game, and coming up with new ideas to improve the game.


This game is influenced by many things like Metal Gear Solid series, Kingdom Hearts series, Cowboy Bebop, FINAL FANTASY VERSUS 13/VX, Star Wars jedi knight jedi academy, Skyrim, Resident Evil VII bio-hazard, Evil within 2 and etc.


The story itself is a 100% completed from start to finish it's pretty complex and smart/clever since each character doesn't exactly have a simple boring back story like many games out there have.

You can play as the 4 protagonists which have their own set of goals, ideals and history, it's like a continuous connected 4 part story that has a lot of meaning to it.

There's plenty of lore in the game and players can come across for example a weapon or a certain item that can have a history behind it.

The setting itself is mostly made up which leaves room for more creativity in the world itself


The game isn't gonna be too realistic but at the same time it's not gonna be too fake to the point it's coming off cartoony, it's balanced out.

Core Themes:

Salvation and Revelation are pretty much the two key themes that will be present in this game since there is a hidden truth, that could shock players.


Ever changing scenarios and intense situations. Unique story lines and unforgettable characters.

Open ended levels.

Party system.

Skill tree system.

First person and 3rd person view points.

Non-lethal and Lethal combat choices.

Sword and gun combat.

Windows OS support.

Status on the overall game thus far is 8% completed.

Team Structure:

Xris Risky - Project Creator

Xris & Alex M. & Sol - Project Management

Kuygr, Indie

3D Artists/Modelers

Alex M.

Graphic Designer - 3 years


Level Designer - 1 year

Marcus & iCrEaTor


Ezio, India & Jeremy




Still a small team need more staff members.

What you need:
1)A discord Account.
2)Ability to work cooperatively with others.
3)The ability to get work done in a timely manner. (you can make your own schedule there is no rush)

What you get:
1)Great job experience.
2)A fun game for everybody to play.
3)Enjoyable story and etc.

If you would like to join for this fun project please email we and we can discuss with more details on the project if you like games that mixes genre in a unique and fun way don't hesitate to message me.

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