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Yeah, my name is Alex. I am making a doom mod, a megawad. The project is so long that i realised that i can´t ake it alone...
Because of this, i´m looking for people from anywhere to help me in a few things such as make sprites, program actors or make music and sounds.
But for now, i´m only looking for 2d sprites makers and actors makers.
The job 1 (sprites making) is simple: i give you a drawing and you make the sprites that are needed to this project.
The job 2 (actors making) is a little more complicated: i give you the features of each actor, and you make the code.

Who am i?
I will tell you my story. Now, i am a 18 years old boy, but i was a doom fan since the year 2003. Until 2013, i didn´t think that it was possible to make doom mods. since 2013, i was trying to make something good, but it wasn´t so until 2014, when i started this "SuperMod". Now, 4 years after the start i have a purposeful idea about the mod and it´s way.

If you want to help me, send a e-mail to avladb@yahoo.com, and the other details and doubts will be discussed there.
If you don´t know about doom, but want to help me, don´t worry. i will teach you about it if you wan´t.

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