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Posted by Thinking Experiment on

Greetings Space Citizens!

This is Thinking Experiment, and we're making a game called Strange New Bodies. It's a visual novel with a heavy emphasis on good vibes and humor. You can get the latest build here for free:

Magical Link of Magic

We're looking for a new Lead Character Artist. Your glorious tasks would include:

  • Designing and creating new characters for our monthly content.
  • Upgrading previously created characters to our brand new animation system
  • Hanging out with us! ( even if you don't want to work with us, we'll hang anyway! )
  • Items to be created include - a wererobowolf, members of the Cult of Quantum, and a handsome space captain - among many other colorful characters!

We update every single month with regular builds, and are currently about 30% through our total content, with an estimated completion date of July 2022.

We're are open to all offers, and willing to negotiate in terms of pay or revenue share. The main thing we want is someone who can create assets at the level of quality already in the game and can stick with us month-to-month till we're done with the project!

Strong preference will be given to artists local to the Pacific Northwest / Portland USA - but we are open to anyone who wants to apply!

So check out our game and let us know! See you there. :)

To Apply

Please send your resume and any questions or offers to strange.new.bodies@gmail.com

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