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How is your day going? Hopefully well, as it'd be terrible for you to have to read through this ad while in a bad mood. Wouldn't it?

If need be, please take a break before reading. Maybe have some chocolate, or a nice cup of tea. That might do the trick?

Resuming Ad...

We're a small team looking to recruit a character artist for our upcoming Visual Novel, Dynasty. It's an RPG set in the far future around the moons of Saturn. The main character has just returned from a war - and their side lost, completely. Now with a destroyed homeworld and the remnants of their people now taking refuge on a derelict carrier, what will they do? Can they save what's left of their nation, and perhaps even find a new home?

At the moment we're working on our promo, and it's very early in development. Once complete we'll launch on Patreon and then Steam. The scope of your work is already set and you can walk away after the promo is complete, but we would strongly prefer that stayed on with us for the long-term. After the promo launches compensation will be based on revenue from Patreon and Steam.

A familiarity with GitHub is helpful, and the Ren'py software package as well. You should also be able to do standard non-animated character stills with different poses. The game does involve some mature themes and content, but it's pretty tasteful. Think more Mass Effect than... well, you know.

Oh, and a sense of humor is required!

Thanks, and have a great day!

To Apply

Send a note with samples of your work to 56modteam@gmail.com (Yes, we still make mods!)

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