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Posted by Illuminated Games on

Illuminated Games and AAD Productions are seeking artists to help develop a new title in our 2d line:

WISP: What am I to you?

Wisp is an interactive visual novel with a few interesting twists. The story revolves around a group of people hired to investigate an abandoned school that is -- supposedly -- haunted. It's up to the player to look after the team's safety and mental health, getting to know everyone, and perhaps even falling in love.

We are seeking to fill 3 positions:
1 Character artist
1 Background artist
1 Cutscene/UI artist

(All other positions necessary to finish the game are already filled.)

The job entails working with our creative director to craft stunning art that will catch the player's eye and leave them wanting to see more.

The ideal candidate has a good work ethic, is highly motivated, and can work effectively within deadlines. They either have an impressive portfolio to show or are willing to perform an art test to determine whether they are suitable for the role.

Wisp is currently in the working alpha stage, due for release in Q2 of this year. You can check out an early build of Chapter 1 here:
(All art used in this build is temp and will not be featured in the commercial release.)

Our team for this project currently consists of:
1 Coder/Creative director (full-time)
1 Composer/SFX artist
1 Marketing director

Wisp will be released on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, with potential for mobile ports.

NOTE: All open positions for Wisp are compensated in rev share. Please take this into consideration before writing your application.

To Apply

Send a cover letter with link to your portfolio website to ryan@aadgames.com. No need for CVs / resumes.

DO NOT ATTACH FILES TO YOUR EMAIL, as your application will be deleted unread.

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