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This group is a platform for sound designers looking to collaborate with developers and visa versa.

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Sergio Ronchetti - basics in sound designing for video games! My video diary of my journey as a sound designer (and composer) for the game "Eldest Souls".

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Recently I joined the talented team at Fallen Flag Studio as the composer for their latest release "Eldest Souls" which consequently lead me into a field I have always dreamt of trying - sound design!

Having no prior experience, I began watching a few online tutorials (if you want to learn from anyone make it Akash Thakkar from "Hyper Light Drifter"... what a guy!) and basically just testing stuff out i found around the house. Luckily my dad has a garage FULL of random crap to use.

Before i continue, it's important to note that i DO NOT have fancy equipment, meaning anyone can try this. (my equipment is an sm58, focusrite scarlett interface and Logic Pro X plugins... that's it!)

I started basic with some footsteps, which weren't all too difficult. Then I moved on to projectiles and a spear attack one of the bosses has. Below are a couple super short videos on my resulting attempts.

Amazing how great a banjo sounds for that typical "woosh" sound! And if you're wondering, the paper was added to give some texture to the jab.

I could be finding a lot of these sounds in libraries online (like the built-in ones that come with Fmod and Unity) but I've chosen not to, in order to produce authenticity and hopefully a more unique gameplay experience for players when the final product is put together.

P.S. if you'd like to try the game and hear my hard work we'll be at EGX and several other conventions later this year, soon to be announced! Thanks for reading!

To those interested, there's an Alpha trailer of the game in question below.


If you watch some videos, doesn't even have to be tutorials, on sound effect design for movies, it also helps.

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SergioRonchetti Author

Thanks! I have been digesting every video i can find on foley and sound effects tips. You're right, it's all super useful and applicable. Just getting my head round sound in Unity and Fmod recently

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Awesome, very nice!

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