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Are you an active member of the video game industry? If so, design3 wants to interview you!

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Are you an indie game developer? Maybe you work at a big game studio? Perhaps a member of the video game news press? If you answered yes to any of these questions, design3 is interested in interviewing you about your projects and work experiences!


design3 is gearing up to launch a new website area that will focus on educating people about the business and industry of video games. One feature of this area will be video interviews with people working in the game industry. The goal will be to provide behind-the-scenes information on the process of building a video game. While most other video game oriented interviews focus on the finished games themselves, we will be focusing on the people, design, and actual development that goes into making video games. These interviews will also be posted on major video and game sites, such as Youtube and IndieDB, and will be available for free to everyone.

To start off, there are two ways we will be conducting our interviews.

On-site interviews in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. If you are located near SF we will come to your studio or workplace and interview you. Alternatively, you could come to our office in Santa Cruz and we can do the interview there.


Interviews at the Game Developers Conference. If you'll be attending GDC we can meet up and interview you at the conference. Of course, this is a more likely option for developers and studios who are not located in Northern California.

Our long-term goal is to expand our reach and interview developers from all over the world! If you're working with games in any way, we want to talk to you. It doesn't matter what your job is, how big or small your projects are, or how you feel about the game industry. Knowledge is power, share it with everyone!

The first design3 interview in the works will be with Gaijin Games, developers of the popular "Bit.Trip" series. To schedule an interview, email benm@noesisinteractive.com

INtense! Staff

Here is the interview we did 2 years back: Youtube.com

If you are an indie or mod team and want heaps of attention, I highly recommend you get in touch with the Design3 guys at GDC!

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We'll be at GDC and it would be great to meet! I'll drop an email :-)

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Very interesting! :)

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Thank you!

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I don't really meet the requirements, but I may use this service.

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Noesis_Interactive Author

Thanks for the interest guys, I've already got a bunch of good responses. Definitely shoot me a message if you're interested as well. Gonna be an action-packed GDC this year!

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