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Feb 24 2011 Anchor

What linux games are you playing?

For me it's

I would recommend nearly all games of the great humble indie bundles! Especially

I would like to play

Not yet released games that I would like to (at least) try

So, what games would you recommend?

Hopefully we can find all the good linux games on desura, soon :)

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Feb 24 2011 Anchor

0 A.D.
Warzone 2100
Battle for Wesnoth
Battle Tanks
Zero Ballistics

Many of them can be found on IndieDB or ModDB. ;-)

Feb 25 2011 Anchor

0 A.D. is not really playable at the moment, right?
I've installed it and it looks good, but no AI etc.

Some time ago I was looking for a good linux RTS to play.
I also tested MegaGlest, but it doesn't appeal to me that much.
The games for the spring engine seemed to be interesting, but they really should try to make playing them a bit easier (they should make sure that there are some maps in the beginning and maybe a stand alone starter for single player would be good).

Warzone 2100 looks good too, I played it one or two years ago. But it couldn't motivate for a long time.

Feb 26 2011 Anchor

I mostly play Minecraft and Revenge of the Titans under Linux. I hope it will be more in the near future :)

Feb 26 2011 Anchor

Bought the humble indie bundle, too? (asking because of Revenge of the Titans)

Minecraft rocks. One more thing, that makes me want a dedicated server. (btw. performance is so much better since the last update)

Feb 26 2011 Anchor

Yes I bought both, the first and the second. But the second wasn't as good as the first one, IMO.

I have a dedicated server, but for some of my windows friends it doesn't work quite well. So it is abonded at the moment.

Feb 26 2011 Anchor

Currently I'm wasting all my time with minecraft, nethack and some Tetris clones.

I never got warm with Revenge of the Titans, it's way to hectic and I'm always disappointed that I lose my tower setup at the end of the round.
I bought the whole 2 bundles, too.

I want to play the Penumbra series and Amnesia, but I'm still to scared to complete Penumbra Overture.
I also want to get Starry, but they use some weird kind of meta-payment service that wants all my contact data, and I don't want to give it to them just for a download.
Other games I'm considering to play are Prey, and the Quake 4, I don't know how, but I missed to get them.

I'm looking forward to Postal 3, Rage, Overgrowth and Dilogus.
Probably I will get Oil rush, too, but I'm not sure if it's going to be a good game and not just an engine benchmark.

I just saw that the majority of our members lives in German speaking countrys. So I wanted to make some advertising for a German minecraft server:
I'm currently playing minecraft on a German server of holarse-linuxgaming. You can join too. You just have to register on the their website and ask someone in the irc or the forum to activate you for the minecraft server. After that every time you log in on holarse-linuxgaming your ip will get white-listed for the minecraft server.

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Feb 26 2011 Anchor

Already visited the server yesterday. There was no restriction (mod not working, because of the update?) and nobody was there :(

I saw t he giant minecart track system. Are the boosters and therefore the whole system broken, because of the update?
Maybe I'll visit again (after registering, if necessary).

Feb 28 2011 Anchor

Sacred - Gold (from Linux Game Publishing)
Turrican II (with Dosbox)

Feb 28 2011 Anchor

Oh, Hedgewars is fun! haven't played this for a while :)

Mar 19 2011 Anchor

Mainly Heroes of Newerth, Teeworlds, Ryzom, Savage 2, Cave Story, Gish, Revenge of the Titans, Droid Assault and Minecraft sometimes (but it brings me head pain).
Oh! And Trine 2 in the near future!

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Mar 24 2011 Anchor

I'm running Ubuntu on a Samsung N350 Netbook, so gaming capabilities are limited. But I get away with playing:

  • NAEV (Escape Velocity Clone)
  • Osmos
  • World of Goo
  • Warsow
  • Revenge of the Titans.

I should install some more Humble Bundle games. I do wish I could get Braid working properly...

Apr 3 2011 Anchor

Already tried SpaceChem? Really nice puzzle game, you can get a demo here.

Apr 6 2011 Anchor

Amensia is epic! :D
Fuc**** terrifing game! ;,,,;

Jun 2 2011 Anchor

You mentioned Oil Rush. They have released a beta or pre-order version. So if you buy the game now, you do get a version to start playing right away. It's kind of like the same thing that Minecraft is doing.

I don't know how many of you saw it, but the source code for "Revenge of the Titans" has been released finally.

I have been playing some Cold War, Sacred Gold, and some Trackballs. I finished Osmos a few weeks back. I have played World of Goo on and off but haven't finished it yet. The rest of the Humble Bundles I will play through once I finish some of these other games. Braid and Trine look really nice, should be fun once I get to them.

Jun 12 2011 Anchor

I really need to start playing through the Humble Indie Bundle games. I played all of them for a bit, but haven't really sunk my teeth into any of them. I almost finished World of Goo, but lost my save :(

Jun 15 2011 Anchor

- In no particular order -

Skulltag (doom Hexen & Heretic)
Quake 1 2 3 4 (Q3 includes teamarena)
OpenRA (includes C&C)
Doom 3 + LMS4 mod
Raptor call of the shadows (updated multiplatform)
Steelstorm ep. 1&2
Warzone 2100
UT2004 + many mods (vehicle invasion & RPG are fun)
ummm tetris?

Jun 17 2011 Anchor

For the most part I am only playing Minecraft and a little bit of Trine. I have the shadow grounds series, but I have not played the m very long and are not my favorite.

Minecraft is played the most because I have a dedicated server (just added a survival map in addition to our creative map and the nether)
Minecraft is also one of the best game I have played in a long time.

Jun 18 2011 Anchor

I just realized the other day that Revenge of the Titans has received a few updates since it's release. They changed a few things which makes it a lot more playable, and more fun. Not having to click on the refineries to collect money, for example. Check it out if you haven't played it in a while.

Jun 25 2011 Anchor


Where did you find a new Linux version of "Raptor: Call of the Shadows"? I know they did a Linux port a long time ago. I saw that GOG had a new 2010 Edition but they only listed a Windows version.

Jul 4 2011 Anchor

i just found out about OpenRA (Openra.res0l.net) which is nearly identical with the old Red Alert from Westwood :)

Aug 11 2011 Anchor

The Last Remnant
Alien Arena
Urban Terror
ArmA 2
Freedroid RPG
Progress Quest
King Arthur's Gold
OilRush (Beta)
Tethical (Helping out)
Galaxy Mage
Monster RPG 2

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Sep 8 2011 Anchor

Depends on my mood really but..

Heroes of Newerth
Savage 2
Quake (series)
Enemy Territory (ofc includes Quake Wars)
Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil

That's the main ones at least till Desura Linux arrives.

Sep 22 2011 Anchor

I play tons and tons of Minecraft. I also play most games from the humble bundle, namely Cogs. I love that game.

I also beat Amnesia on GNU/Linux at a lan party. Fun stuff.

I have Doom 3 on Steam, and once I feel like bothering, i'll install it on Ubuntu natively and play it. To be honest I still haven't beaten Doom 1(which is playable via DOSBOX)

Sep 22 2011 Anchor

Atom Zombie Smasher
Oilrush (beta)

A little less recently:
Trine (will be parting with my money once Trine 2 is out)
Shadowgrounds + expansion
World of Goo

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