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The group for gamers dedicated to Linux. No matter if game developers or game players all are welcome interested in Linux as a gaming platform.

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Poll: Name for our merged group (34 votes)
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Mar 7 2011 Anchor

Hello linux group members!

We are present not only on Desura, but on moddb, too.
But there's already a linux gamers group on moddb (and now they are on Desura, too :)).

So, Dragonlord suggested, that we could merge to one group.

Any objections?

And which name would you prefer? -> poll

ok, seems like not that many members visit the forum :)
Maybe we just merge into their group (it's older and has more members) and if someone cares, he can argue about that later?

Edited by: joeka

Mar 9 2011 Anchor

I am ok with this, :)

Mar 11 2011 Anchor

ok, this is done.

Thanks to Dragonlord and INtense!

Mar 11 2011 Anchor

No problem. As joeka had been the lead of the other group he has been also made lead (besides me) in this group. Hence if you have questions, ideas or problems concerning this group you can talk also to him not only me.

Mar 11 2011 Anchor

102 members now, this is huge.

maybe we have about 5 forum users now ^^

Mar 12 2011 Anchor

Yeah that's possible. Most don't know though since this group never had one before. I made it before custom forums had been implemented.

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