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May 27 2012 Anchor

Over on the Bundeals group's forums, I post about any Linux games that go on sale, or are included in bundles (on the rare occasion either of these things happen). Also some tidbits of Linux gaming-related news (such as Groupees telling me that they are going to start including some Linux games in future bundles).

I know that we have a lot of lurkers in the forums over there (going by our stats), but no idea how many Linux users. I could be talking to thin air for all I know, and annoying the hell out of an all-Windows audience by never shutting up about Linux. :lol:

Is news regarding Linux game sales important to members of the Linux Gamers group? If so, would you like me to cross-post here, or link to posts on our forums, when it regards Linux games? Or do you already lurk the Bundeals' forums? Or is there a better way of getting the news out?

(Note: I already link our articles to this group when they feature something to do with Linux)

Btw, if anyone hears about any Linux games going on special offer, I/we'd like to hear about it!

May 28 2012 Anchor

Just link the articles. This way the ModDB system shows the articles in the right place. If people are not interested they can simply disregard the article popping up in the news stand.

May 29 2012 Anchor

Ah, I wasn't meaning the articles (as I put above, I already link them) - was meaning the forum posts. A lot of the stuff just doesn't have enough material for an article.

May 29 2012 Anchor

You can make a forum post but I think most people only notice articles and don't actively follow the forums in here.

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